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Our Brain Injury Accident Attorneys are Ready to Help

When physicians swear an oath to “do no harm,” this promise goes double for medical professionals present during labor and delivery; they are responsible not only for a mother’s life, but also for her infant’s first breaths. Sadly, medical negligence and malpractice sometimes voids this promise, occurring far too often and causing a range of birth injuries, including brain injury at birth. If you or someone you love has been affected, contact a Cammarasana & Bilello birth injury attorney to evaluate your legal options.

Risk Factors for Infant Brain Injury at Birth

Our Brain Injury Attorneys will assist you in understanding several warning signs that may indicate potential infant brain injury. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Placental Abruption

  • Changes in Baby’s Heart Rate

  • Compressed Umbilical Cord

  • Diabetes in the Mother

  • Hematological (blood) Disorders, 

  • Anemia or Sickle Cell Disease

  • Hypertension Disorders, including Pre-Eclampsia or HELLP Syndrome

  • Hypoxia (lack of oxygen to the fetus)

  • Ligohydramnios (decreased levels of amniotic fluid)

  • Uterine Rupture

The Role of Medical Professionals

Nurses, doctors, surgeons and other medical professionals cannot eliminate a woman or child’s risk factors, but they are required to address them accordingly. Failure to respond to signs of medical distress can result in birth injuries and permanent damage, including brain damage at birth. For some children, this may mean nervous system defects, cerebral palsy, and developmental problems related to the brain; for others, it equals learning disabilities, hearing loss, seizures, vision problems, and hyperactivity.

Speak with a NY Brain Injury Attorney

If your family has suffered birth injuries, including serious infant brain injury at birth, you need to contact the Cammarasana & Bilello experienced brain injury attorneys.  We understand your suffering and know how important monetary damages can be to securing a better quality of life for your child. We can chart the fastest route to winning your case or reaching a settlement. If your child or someone you love is a victim of infant brain injury, do not hesitate to call our elite team of brain injury attorneys at 516-746-6066 for a detailed consultation.

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