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Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Attorneys


We Know When to Litigate and When to Negotiate…

As vehicle accident injury attorneys, we have been asked many questions by prospective clients who are wondering if they have a claim and what they can expect during the litigation process. Let our Case Analyst help you determine if you should choose Cammarasana & Bilello as the organization to represent you and your case.  We will help you understand your rights, and provide resources to achieve results!

Our Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Attorneys Take Care of All the Details and Protect Your Rights

There is nothing routine about a simple automobile accident. Each case has to be developed and handled individually. Police reports, photographs of the property damage to the automobile and of the bodily injuries must be obtained. Our investigation staff must examine the accident scene and obtain witness statements.

All of this work must be done at the beginning. We prepare each case as if we are going to trial. The insurance industry knows we are always prepared to go the court room. They know we have doctors on each of our cases who are ready to testify in court. They realize when we need an accident reconstruction expert, a vocation rehabilitation consultant or an economist that we will hire them. By being prepared, we are able to settle a high percentage of our automobile cases without the necessity of a trial.

The Cammarasana & Bilello staff works together to help individuals obtain compensation for their injuries. We share some common traits: We are tenacious, results oriented, courteous and well-trained in the practice of law based on a Vehicle Accident Injury.

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