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Our Surgical Errors Attorneys Ask...

How Are Surgical Errors Defined?

Surgical errors make up some of the most frequently reviewed medical malpractice cases. Surgical errors can range from errors administrating and monitoring anesthesia, the type and length of incision, the surgery being performed itself and the inadvertent cutting or injuring of nerves, organs, or other vital body parts. Our attorneys for surgical errors point out that it even includes mistakes in post-operative care.

Improper administration of anesthesia can cause permanent brain damage. The wrong type of incision could cause extensive complications. Surgical errors also pertain to equipment, such as prolonged use of the bypass machine during heart surgery, which can have devastating consequences.

Often, depending on the seriousness and permanence of the injury, it can be determined whether or not the medical care was insufficient. For example, during surgery, a nerve might be injured by the surgeon. This can occur in a few different ways including the compression of the nerve by a surgical instrument used by the surgeon or by over stretching of the nerve during the surgery.


We are Specialized Attorneys for Surgical Errors

Trying to make sense of a surgical report provided by a surgeon may be difficult if you are not overly familiar with medical terminology. Our surgical error attorneys and staff help you understand a surgical report that may be cleverly articulated in such a way that it would make it hard to discern of malpractice occurred.

If you think that you or a loved one may be suffering from a surgical error performed in the New York area, Cammarasana & Bilello malpractice surgical error attorneys are here to help you through this difficult and devastating process. Call 516-746-6066 today, and receive a free consultation.  We are ready to assist you.

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